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Who do we recommend these exercises?


"Everybody in the whole world should do my exercises. They could make them balanced and fit." - Joseph Pilates, 1965.

- average people who due to much work have little time to do exercises

- those who suffer from chronic backaches

- those whose days are full of stress

- women who wish to have a beautiful, harmonious figure

- men who desire to have well-proportioned, lean muscles

- elderly people who wish to gain energy and would like to strengthen their muscles

- women before pregnancy who would like to prepare themselves for pregnancy and giving birth

- women after giving birth who would like to get in shape again

- professional sportsmen, dancers who would like to recover from injuries or want to prevent injuries with regular Pilates training

- artists (actors, actresses, musicians, singers, such as Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Keanu Reeves, Liv Tyler, Melanie Griffith, Madonna, Hugh Grant), for whom good looks, appearance and posture are important for their job or career.

How many classes does one need to learn the basics?

- approximately 15-30 classes are needed

- ideal is to come 2-3 times a week

A class lasts 55 minutes, since it requires extremely strong concentration.

"After 10 hours you feel the difference
After 20 hours you see it, too
After 30 hours you get a new body."

"One is as old as one’s spine feels." - Joseph Pilates

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